Campbell, California Sprinkler Repair Services

Campbell Sprinkler ServicesWhen you're looking for sprinkler repair service in Campbell, CA, wouldn't you rather find a company who can do it all? That's why we offer an extensive list of services. Our irrigation specialists are trained and experienced in handling all of your sprinkler system needs. We troubleshoot and repair sprinkler systems in Campbell, CA, install new sprinkler systems and even revamp old sprinkler systems. Read over this list of our services, and give us a call to get started.

Campbell Sprinkler System Installations and Upgrades:

    - New system installations
    - Complete system evaluations
    - Replace damaged and corroded pipes
    - Add heads and stations
    - Improve system efficiency
    - Improve zone coverage
    - Upgrade existing systems with water-saving equipment and technology

Campbell Sprinkler System Maintenance and Repairs:

     - Fast emergency sprinkler system repairs
     - Major and minor sprinkler system repairs
     - Repair malfunctioning sprinkler system controllers
     - Repair PVC and galvanized sprinkler system pipes
     - Fix broken and clogged heads
     - Fix leaking and malfunctioning sprinkler system control valves
     - Troubleshoot sprinkler systems with low pressure or leaks
     - Locate and repair broken wiring, leaks and pipes
     - Repair freeze and rain sensors
     - System winterization and spring activation

Landscaping Services:

    - Landscape design
    - Tree planting
    - Sodding for new lawns
    - Stonework and masonry
    - Outdoor lighting design and installation